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We love to hear back from our customers at Palm Beach Jewelers. You all have such great comments and stories. Feel free to send us your comments, periodically we will pick a couple new testimonials to post on this page... you may be next.



I have never had such a professional and pleasurable experience buying jewelry as I had with Cheryl. The whole transaction was turned into an interaction. Her product knowledge is amazing and her professionalism is unsurpassed. Cheryl took the buying of an engagement ring from traditionally one of the most stressful purchases in a young mans life and made it a fun and easy interaction. She treated me like a member of her own family and guided me to the proper design setting, the proper size to fit my budget. I have her to thank for that perfect ring and for the glow I saw on my Fiancé's face when I got down on one knee and popped the question. My wife to this day doesn't go one day without holding that perfectly combined set of stones up into the light and admiring it like it was the first time she saw it. Thank you Cheryl for all you did and for making the most important day of my life a wonderful memory!

Sincerely M. Tarantino



I was very pleased with the service I received from you.
I got in touch with you after purchsing my item and a very quick response and felt I could trust you. In all the occassions we got in touch you always made every attempt to meet my needs. You exceeded my expectations. I would definitely buy from you again...I am still very happy with my purchase.

Dunia, Brighton UK